Mosquitoes carrying Zika and other viruses popular more counties of the southern United States than first reported. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention researchers expanded their mosquito collection efforts after the outbreak in Florida last summer, finding a 21 percent increase in counties with mosquitoes known to carry Zika and other diseases. The results don’t mean these mosquitoes are more abundant or transmitting the virus, but they do highly the need for continued and improved mosquito surveillance.

People with chronic health problems may be more likely to commit suicide. Researchers looked at nearly 2,700 people in the United States who took their own lives, identifying 17 conditions linked to an increased risk of suicide. The results do not prove having a chronic illness is the only reason these people decided to end their lives, as prevention efforts can help even the most vulnerable patients. The findings appear in the American Journal of Preventative Medicine.

And finally, June 21 was International Yoga Day and there were celebrations around the world honoring the practice. Hundreds of yoga enthusiasts gathered at the Indian embassy in Afghanistan, while in India, the country’s prime minister led a class. A regular yoga practice may help keep your body and mind healthy and in harmony.