In the past year, 25 percent of Americans said someone in their household decided not to seek medical attention when they needed it. The reason? The cost.

“It just costs too much to them and they’ll – they kind-of have their health insurance almost as like, an emergency disaster plan.”

The study from BankRate also showed more than half of Americans worry they might not have affordable health insurance in the future.

“A little over half of Americans say that they preferred to stick with the health insurance plan as it stands now, versus adopting changes in the future.”

Late-night partying on the weekends could have an impact on your health. A new study shows “social jet lag” occurs when your body’s biological clock and sleep patterns are out of sync. That can happen if you go to bed early during the week, but stay out late on the weekend. Researchers found the pattern is linked with heart disease, depression and grumpy moods. Sleep experts say go right to bed when you get home – no TV or internet surfing.

And finally: get fit like Ginsberg! Supreme Court justice Ruth Bader Ginsberg, 84, keeps in shape with a personal trainer. And he’s coming out with a book revealing her stamina secrets, including squats, planks and full push-ups! You can read more about the justice’s fitness routine when the book comes out in October.