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Jim Ned's Brooke Galvin will fulfill her dream of playing college basketball

Galvin receives full ride to play at Midland College

TUSCOLA, Texas — Brooke Galvin spent the last four years playing for Jim Ned. Her goal has always been to play college basketball. Now the dream is coming to fruition, she is headed to Midland College on a full scholarship.

"I'm excited. A little nervous to go somewhere new with a new environment and a new program but I'm going to work as hard as I can," Galvin said.

She felt like Midland College felt like the right choice because it was only two and a half hours from home. Being close to family was important for her.

"I'm super close to my family... they have always supported me at every game, doesn't matter where, they've been there. I felt it would be good to be close to home in case i needed anything."

This past season, Galvin has stepped up to the plate as a leader for Jim Ned and believes that her experience in Tuscola will help her in college.

"Mentally I had to get stronger and I also learned leadership, that's going to help me."

What she will miss the most is the community at Jim Ned and the family feel from the people in Tuscol

"They are there to support you... It was honestly a family there and it always has been... It's the family mentality that's going to be the hardest to leave."

Best of luck to Brooke Galvin on her next chapter in Midland.