CLYDE, Texas — Current high school senior athletes are disappointed about the abrupt potential endings to their seasons.

The upcoming seniors in the fall have many questions circling their head now. Will the season start on time? Will they have a season? But the hope of their seasons resuming and beginning still remain high.

"We are still excited for the upcoming season, we just don't know when it's going to be," junior Corbin Keidl said.

The Clyde Bulldogs are coming off of a playoff loss that still resonates with this team from last season. Keidl tells me that this team has been practicing and getting better ever since their last game.

"That was one of those days that will keep you worked up. If you use it right, it will turn out good... We've gotten a whole lot strong. Us seniors will be able to lead this team all season," Keidl added.

Head coach Scott Campbell says not having sports right now hasn't just affected athletes and coaches but it has impacted communities.

"Athletics is built on relationships. As coaches, relationships with the kids. As kids, relationships with each other. Yeah, we get out their and compete and work really hard to be the best but ultimately, athletics come down to being together as a community."

Coach believes that when football is back it will be great for every community, especially the ones right here in West Texas.

"It might be the first time for people to gather together again. You could see it being a good benefit to the community."