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College athletics in limbo if Fall season is lost

Angelo State University is doing everything it can to make sure their athletic program continues to survive despite the absence of sports


College athletics has been something of the past.

Baseball fields and basketball courts are empty with athletes ready to pick up the ball and get back to work.

It is not just the loss of sports which has everyone worried, but the loss of money college athletics brings into their respective schools.

Angelo State University Athletic Director James Reid has seen programs across the country struggle since COVID-19 pandemic started.

"There are some folks across the country I know you hear about people that are getting furloughed, and then people getting let go because of budget constraints," Reid said

Reid was unable to give the exact number of money made in ticket and merchandise sales.

The money generated from those sales is then disbursed evenly to each team at ASU, but since COVID-19, those sales are now gone.

However, Reid was able to protect his program because of the overwhelming support of the administration, the community and alumni to make up for the loss of funds.

"We do generate some funding from ticket sales, and so there was some loss there, obviously," Reid said "Our administration has been good about supporting us. And we've had at least one fundraiser since the pandemic hit."

ASU will have one more fundraiser coming up, but no date has been set at this time.

The money raised goes back into the programs to make sure the coaches and all teams are taken care of.

Reid's biggest challenge is to make sure he does not have to eliminate a team in order to save money.

"It has not come up yet during this pandemic to this point," Reid said. "I know there are schools in our conference that have had to look at potentially reducing sports."

Once again, Reid credits the administration for continuing to support college athletics and the student athletes.

"The attitude on our campus, and when we look at the our mission and our purpose here at Angelo State University," Reid said

Reid and his team are like the rest us, eagerly waiting for the return of college athletics.