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Hawley advances to play Post in next round

The Bearcats have already made history going undefeated in the regular season, now they continue that historic run in the state semis

HAWLEY, Texas — Hawley continues to make history this season advancing to the state semis. The Bearcats went undefeated for the first time this season and now they have made it the furthest the program has ever gone in playoffs.

"It's pretty surreal, we are like little celebrities in our little town," senior Robert Ybarra said. 

Coach Mitch Ables told me this team is excited about the success they have had so far but they still have work to do.

"I tell them to have no regrets and to play like it's your last time to play, don't have anything left in the tank when the game is over."

The 12 seniors have formed a bond that is deeper than football and they share a common dream: to win a state championship.

"I wanna win it so bad. My mom, my dad and everyone has talked about it. Since I was a kid I dreamed of playing varsity football and now that we are here it's crazy to think we have a chance," Justin Howeth added.

The Hawley Bearcats have already had a historic season but this team is motivated to go all the way.

Hawley plays Post (13-0) at 7pm Friday at Sweetwater's Mustang Bowl.