HAWLEY, Texas — While most people are spending their quarantine binge-watching Netflix and hanging out on their couch at home, student-athletes are continuing to grind. 

Mitch Ables, the head coach of the Hawley Bearcats football team has a motto for his kids during this time: "Be ready so you don't have to get ready."

"Our strength and conditioning coach has been making the workouts for these kids for six years now. They know what we do one what day, so we have to try to hold their feet to the fire."

These student-athletes are doing whatever they can to stay in shape.

"From holding telephone poles over their shoulders and lunging with it and all kinds of crazy stuff you see them doing," Ables added.

Because they never know when their next shot will be to compete again.

"We were right in the middle of district play for baseball, softball and track, you never know when they tell us we can go again. You have to be ready.

Coach has continued to provide accountability to the athletes during this time on Twitter to remind them to stay active and keep working.

Until sports are back, keep on working, athletes!