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West Texas schools have more to deal with than just the heat

The West Texas Heat and the pandemic have coaches and band directors coming up with new game plans to keep students safe.

SAN ANGELO, Texas — In West Texas there are two guarantees - the first being the love for high school football; and the second, the inescapable West Texas heat.

Now, you are mixing football and everything that comes with it, such as band, along with the heat and now a global pandemic.

Ever since the start of COVID-19, everyone from coaches, teachers and administrators have been taking things day-by-day.

Eldorado Head Football Coach Jon Long is having to come up with a new game plan.

"It's different this year because of what we've done is a kid has his own Gatorade bottle and we wash them, disinfect them every day," Long said

Long also said the trainers are now assigned to a different position groups, and are still going continue to practice social distancing as much as possible along with wearing a mask.

When it comes to band, Christoval High School is having to change things up a bit as well.

Christoval Band Director Jason White is having his band stay out of sun as much as possible, and to avoid passing water bottles.

"We're not outside quite as much right now, but even when we are outside where everybody's got their own water bottle," White said. "We take lots of water breaks, it's just as much as we can get."

Both White and Long know the heat and COVID-19 have completely changed everything for all their students.

For the time being, they are just happy the students can have a bit of normalcy, and can continue to do what they love, whether it be on the football field or in the band hall.

"Kids normally don't want to be in school at school, but so many kids have said, I'm just so happy to be back," White said. "I miss them so much and I'm really happy to have them back and working hard and finally getting back into doing our thing."

Long and White are continuing to take precautions to ensure the safety of their students, and both can't wait to hit the field Friday night.