LAKE VIEW, Texas — A time without sports isn't easy but what we can do with this time is reflect on the good times from sports. 

Lake View soccer players, Jazmyne Flores and Ally Flores had breakout freshmen seasons and they can't wait to get back on the field again to keep getting better.

"It was an awesome season. I got to travel and play with new people," Jazmyne Flores said. 

Both players started playing for the game at a young age and their passion took off from their.

"I started playing when I was five. It's the only sport I've gone through my whole life. I think since it's always been in my family, I wanted to be like my parents and aunt.

Ally Flores' brother played soccer at Central High and her parents grew up playing soccer with her.

The two freshmen combined for 4 goals against Lubbock Estacado this season. It was their favorite memory winning that game.

"I was open all the time, they would give me the ball and i'd take the chance to go and score," Jazmyne Flores scored 3 goals in the game.

If you have favorite memories from the 2019-2020 season, send them to to be featured on FOX West Texas.