Police confirm they are investigating an act of vandalism at LeBron James’ home in Los Angeles.

The LAPD tweeted that a racial slur was spray-painted on the outer gate of the NBA player’s home on Wednesday.

TMZ is reporting investigators are now interviewing neighbors and collecting surveillance footage in the area to find a suspect.

Residents nearby are condemning the attack.

“And I’m shocked. It’s terrible that something like that happened in this neighborhood. You know, it’s a really nice neighborhood, a lot of lovely people. So, I’m really sorry to hear that something that appalling happened right here.”

The graffiti has since been covered up.

According to TMZ, James bought the home in 2015, but does not appear to live there on a regular basis. He is currently in the Bay Area, getting ready for Game One of the NBA Finals against the Golden State Warriors.

The big game is scheduled for Thursday night in Oakland.