ABILENE, Texas — For the average 13-year-old, joining the school choir or hanging out with friends on the weekend is a common thing; but for Josie Drury, it was all about saving lives through search and rescue.

Search and rescue works to assist law enforcement agencies in finding lost or missing people using human scent.

"I got my first bloodhound when I was 16, his name is Moose. He was a recuse from Colorado and it was an instant connection from the start, we work so well together," Drury said.

While Moose is works with Josie, now a college student, through search and rescue, but he a normal dog at home.

"Moose is definitely a pet, such a snuggle bug but as soon as we get that harness out he knows it's time to go to work," Drury said. "My favorite part is being able to bring closure to families, it's a terrible feeling to have someone lost or missing... to be able to help them or bring back a loved one was definitely the best feeling in the world."

When Drury went off to college, she was unable to bring Moose, but she transitioned her passion from search and rescue to cross country and track. Although Moose was her rock growing up, she was able to "fall more in love with track and the team (at McMurry)."

"Moose saved me as much as I saved him," she said. 

Drury also said she is so thankful for the opportunities she and Moose had together through their days of saving lives.