MILES, Texas — Softball has been Skyler Brooks' passion since she was six years old. "Growing up, it was the first sport I was drawn to... from the beginning I fell in love with it."

The Miles native has excelled in school and athletics throughout her time in high school. 

Brooks' favorite part about Miles is the community feel that it has and the support the people have given her throughout her career.

"Growing up here there has always been a homey vibe. Being able to grow up here and start playing softball here, I've always had a good support system," Brooks added.

"The community has definitely backed Skyler throughout her whole career. Everywhere you go, they are talking about her," coach Matt Jones said.

On signing day, Skyler Brooks committed to North Carolina and her dreams came true.

"Going to Chapel Hill is something that I've looked forward to. Now that I have the opportunity to for sure get to experience that, i'm so stoked and I can't wait."