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Spurs reportedly still inquiring about Sixers' Ben Simmons

Is this a case of where there is smoke, there is fire?

SAN ANTONIO — According to a report from the Philadelphia Inquirer's Keith Pompey, the Spurs are among several teams still inquiring about Sixers point guard Ben Simmons' availability.

Since the fallout between the Sixers and Simmons, San Antonio has been seen as a possible landing spot via trade.

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Recently, ESPN's Bobby Marks opined on what it may take for a Spurs-Sixers deal for Simmons.

He believes it will take a pair of the Spurs young players and more.

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"I think it's what you're willing to give up. If it's one of your [Spurs] two guards, certainly with [Dejounte] Murray or [Derrick] White... I wouldn't certainly put Keldon Johnson into the conversation. I think he's a keeper."

Marks went on to suggest the Spurs use Thaddeus Young, other team veterans, and the team's draft picks if they do want to deal with the Sixers.

The Spurs are devoid of All-Star caliber players this upcoming season and Simmons could fill that void.

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However, his reportedly subpar reputation, the cost involved to trade for him, and the Spurs' history of not making big trades leaves it an open question if Simmons will wear the Spurs colors. 

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