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Cardi B and 'Wayne's World' team up on Uber Eats Super Bowl ad

Wayne and Garth would never shamelessly plug their product -- until they do.

Wayne and Garth of "Wayne's World" and "Saturday Night Live" fame are back, along with Cardi B, for an Uber Eats Super Bowl commercial. The ad, which is now on YouTube, shows Wayne and Garth (Mike Myers and Dana Carvey) in Wayne's basement doing their cable access show from Aurora, Ill.

"As a local access show, we want everyone to support local restaurants," Wayne says.

"But, we'd never manipulate you the way all these commercials do," Garth says as subliminal words "eat" and "local" flash on the screen.

Then there are repeated attempts to get the message out, including having baby versions of Wayne and Garth dressed in shirts that say "eat local."

When Wayne says they would "never shamelessly rely on a celebrity cameo," here comes Cardi B. The commercial then shows shots of Wayne and Garth dressed like Cardi, and vice-versa.

Uber Eats says its "Eat Local" campaign is a $20 million effort to support its business partners over the next six months due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

"She was lovely and so funny and so beautiful, and came to play," Myers told Entertainment Tonight about working with Cardi B. "I loved working with her."

Next year will mark 30 years since "Wayne's World" debuted in theaters.

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