SAN ANGELO, Texas — Fans of the rodeo world love to see the rush of the bull and bronc riders hold on for eight seconds.

They even get a good laugh from the rodeo clowns who put on a show and are chased down by the bulls. 

There was one clown who did it better than anyone. Eighty-three-year-old Lecile Harris died Thursday. His death left the rodeo world in a state of shock.

"It's a sad day for rodeo when you think about the legends the Hallie Barrett, the Lecile Harris'  that have been around forever and eventually you guess that have to go but you don't expect it," Jon Harrison said. 

Harrison is a rodeo clown, barrel man and entertainer. Harrison would watch Harris as a young child, watching him bring the crowd to their feet. 

"Lecile was one of those guys, the moment he walked into the arena he would capture your attention as a kid you never took your eyes off him," Harrison said. 

Harris died doing what he loved in his home state of Mississippi. Harrison said Harris went out like the legend he was known to be.

"He was 83 years old, doing what he loved. He just finished his favorite rodeo in Jackson, Mississippi, with eight perfs, and being 83 doing eight perfs I've done 11 perfs here and I'm 41 years old and I'm sore and hurting," he said. 

Harrison's final goodbye to the legend was this - "Lecile you was a legend buddy and we're going to miss you and the man with the saxophone he's missing you, too."

According to Harrison, Harris was someone, that if anyone said anything about him, it was nothing but good. Everyone loved him.