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San Angelo YMCA launching annual "Y World of Sports Camps" this month

The program begins Monday, June 14.

SAN ANGELO, Texas — The San Angelo YMCA is launching its annual “Y World of Sports Camps” program beginning Monday, June 14. This program is designed on teaching the fundamentals in each sport involved. This is a four-week program that will last Monday through Thursday until July 8.

"We just try to cover different sports that are going to happen that the kids might be interested in or want to grow in over the summer," San Angelo YMCA sports director Stacy Dufell said. "We have basketball, we have soccer, we have volleyball and we have flag football. All of this is going to be done indoors."

This camp will offer instructional coaching, character development, nutritional education and interactive exercises that allow the participants to use the skills developed for their particular sport. An Angelo State football player will help run the clinic for flag football participants.

"We go from eight to 12," Dufell said. "We do have a couple seven-year-olds, so we do have some younger ones, but we're trying to stay in that range from about third through sixth grade, which is kind of our focus on our leads throughout the YMCA."

Duffell said this program benefits these participants in many ways. When it’s 100 degrees outside, it’s tempting to stay indoors and chill.

"When staying home, kids are always tempted to play the PlayStation or play on their phones," Dufell said. "This is a chance to get kids out there and get active, and we really want them to stay active even when it's 100 degrees outside. Come inside. Let us run through camp and do skills and drills all inside in a nice air conditioned gym and have some fun on the way."

Dufell said there’s still time to register and more information can be found on at the San Angelo YMCA website.