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State power lifting competition canceled, Thompson still grinding

Junior Bo Thompson grinds through the adversity

HAWLEY, Texas — Hawley junior, Bo Thompson, has been working out and gaining muscle throughout quarantine preparing for the state power lifting competition. Heading into the competition this season first in the state of Texas.

Due to COVID-19, the competition was postponed and canceled about a month later. However, with one year left to compete, Thompson is still using this time to work.

"I'm a huge believer in keeping on going. What you can gain in a year can be lost in a week real quick. I'm training everyday as hard as I can train," Thompson said.

Getting creative in his quarantine workouts has been helpful during this time.

"We live on a farm so there's a lot of things to pick up. I've been picking up pipe and we've pulled trucks."

While there is uncertainty now, Thompson can't wait for his season year for another football and power lifting season.

"Super excited but i'm a little scared. We've waited our whole lives for this and you look back and it has come in an instant. Now it's here and it's fixing to happen so i'm ready for it."

Thompson is continuing to grind and prepare for his senior season to have another chance to compete in the state power lifting competion.