HAWLEY, Texas — Although Tate Thompson had an abrupt ending to his senior baseball season at Hawley, he's not going to let that affect the goals he has moving forward in his baseball career.

Thompson has been training during quarantine - lifting weights, pulling trucks, playing catch, push-ups and sit-ups.

His passion for the game started at a young age in playing Little League.

"It started when I was young, I've always played baseball. In a little town there isn't much to do so little league baseball was something everyone did," Thompson said.

He believes it takes a special talent to play the game. 

"It takes a different type of athlete and person to play baseball. It's more of a mental health game than anything. It teaches me lessons on how I can be mentally strong throughout my life when times like this happen."

Times such as having your senior season suspended for the unforeseeable future. When Thompson heard the news, he said he teared up. 

"I have faith in God, I know that he's going to make something good come out of this. I may get to finish my high school season or I may not. I may get to play college baseball but he's going to make something good come out of this," he said.

Thompson hopes to continue to get in shape during this time and play summer ball if his senior season does not resume in May. Following, he plans to play collegiate baseball wherever the opportunity appears.