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The Abilene Christian University Wildcats are looking to play the role of party crasher

The Wildcats will tip off against the the University of Texas Longhorns Saturday night.

SAN ANGELO, Texas — Sharpen your pencils and study all night - this is not a final exam, it's March Madness.

There are millions of brackets being filled out, and of course with each bracket comes a bracket buster. 

Who is going to be the Cinderella team who crashes the party and continues to keep on dancing? There is one team in West Texas who is wearing the glass slipper this year. 

"It's been great man, it's been really cool," Abilene Christian University Head Coach Joe Golding said. "Two years ago it was fun, it was exciting and it was brand new. This time I think, I think our team is more prepared this time."

If the ACU Wildcats want to keep dancing in March, they are going to have to take down Goliath - the Big 12 champions the University of Texas Longhorns. 

Golding said the game plan is simple. It starts with making sure his wife is wearing the right colors. 

"My wife graduated from the University of Texas so when I get there Saturday night, I'm going to make sure she doesn't have a Texas shirt on," he said. 

Golding knows it is in all good fun and knows his wife will have the right colors on. However, he still has a big task ahead as he goes toe-to-toe with a head coach who has an accomplished resume, Texas head coach Shaka Smart. 

"I think anytime you're playing a high major team with length and athleticism, the first thing you have to do is rebound the basketball," Golding said. "We're going to have to find a way to compete on the glass and that's that's where it starts." 

Before the Wildcats hit the floor, Golding wants to give thanks the supporters in West Texas for being part of a program who is now leaving its mark on the college basketball world. 

"Somebody's going to crash the party," Golding said. "We're playing good basketball right now, and I know our guys will be ready to compete." 

Be on the look for the Wildcats as they tip off against the Texas Longhorns Saturday night in Indianapolis.