High school senior athletes across the country are saddened by their senior seasons ending abruptly due to COVID-19. 

The three senior student-athletes at Cornerstone are experiencing this. One of those seniors is Seth Hernandez, who has been at the school for 14 years. 

"My siblings went to school there, my cousins went to school there, I basically grew up in the school... I'll miss the little things like walking the hallways and saying hi to everyone."

Senior Jaycee Ensor, who played basketball, volleyball and tennis, will miss her coaches and teachers the most.

"We got a new volleyball coach this year and she was amazing, she took our team further than anyone thought we would go. That was an awesome way to end my senior year in volleyball."

Brianna Dirickson transferred to Cornerstone in fifth grade and she has loved every second of her time there.

"Our school is a very close-nit family but being in sports you get closer because you're spending a lot of time with each other."

With such a small class and school, the three senior student-athletes believe that's what made Cornerstone feel like a family.

While there time is coming to an end in high school, the Cornerstone community will carry ith them wherever they go.