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Two Texans are ready to compete at Dana White's Power Slap 2

Alan Klingbeil and Christopher Debow are both ranked in the top 10 of their weight divisions, and expect a title in the near future.

SAN ANGELO, Texas — With less than 48 hours away from the debut of season two of Dana White's "Power Slap", Texas will be represented on the national stage.

Both Alan Klingbeil and Christopher Debow rank in the top 10 of their weight divisions, but they are focused on being the first athletes from Texas to bring home a Power Slap championship.

"That would mean the world, honestly. Like I said, when I first signed up, I was not expecting much. I was not expecting to get called out or anything. Then everything that has come up until this point, bro, I'm fully invested," Debow said.

Slap fighting is one of the most polarizing sports in the United States since its debut in January earlier this year. Yet, these athletes are not worried about what some believe the sport to be. 

"I think it is funny, if everyone loved it, we would not get this far because like, you need haters to prosper. It is [Power Slap] just like what the UFC was back in the day when it first started or how BKFC is now, I mean people love to hate on it," Debow said.

As the viewers await what is to come from Power Slap 2, athletes like Klingbeil have done all that they can to improve their skills and change their lifestyle up to the point of competition.

"You want to be the best athlete that you can when going out there. I know some people are like, 'it does not even take any skill,' but it does. It takes a lot of commitment, a lot of effort to actually perform at this level," Klingbeil said.

You can watch the full interview with these two athletes above, as well as the debut of season two of Power Slap on Rumble Sports.

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