With the executive order issued by Governor Greg Abbott, mandating schools to remain temporarily closed through May 4th, athletics continue to be impacted.

However, this doesn't mean that spring season are cancelled, at least yet. As of right now, there is still hope spring athletes can continue their seasons come May.

"The UIL is doing everything they can to try to get some of the season in and salvage it. We are hoping and praying this ends soon so we can get back to work," Abilene High head coach Stacy Bryan said.

Today would have been the first day of the district tournament.

"I love Abilene High and I love the game of tennis, but having it completely taken away from you, it grows a new appreciation for what you have," Bryan added.

The 10 seniors on the team are disappointed with the way the season abruptly ended but hope they can resume it come May.

"When I found out senior year was canceled I was devastated. I had high expectations and I wanted everything to go up to those expectations," senior McKenna Bryan said.

Whatever day it is these young women can suit up on the court again will be a good one. 

"I've encouraged my kids to stay home so that they haven't gotten any time on the court. So once they do get time on the court, I think they are going to go at it and we are all going to be so excited," Bryant added.