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Chinese company invests in Colorado supersonic plane maker

In December, the Denver Business Journal reported that Boom has raised more than $51.8 million from investors.

DENVER BUSINESS JOURNAL — A Chinese travel service company is making an investment in a Denver company trying to build a supersonic airplane.

Ctrip.com International, Ltd. of China said it's investing in Boom, a Centennial Airport-based company that said it's building a $200 million supersonic plane with three engines, 55 seats and a cruising speed of Mach 2.2, or 1,451 mph.

“Ctrip offers valuable expertise in the Chinese travel market, and we’re excited to work with their passionate, entrepreneurial team to bring supersonic travel to the region” said Blake Scholl, founder and CEO of Boom, in a statement.

Neither Boom nor Ctrip would disclosed the amount of the investment. One Chinese travel site estimated the investment at between $30 million and $40 million.

Read more at the Denver Business Journal: https://bit.ly/2I0gmV0