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86 citations, 24 warnings issued by SAPD in Tuesday LIDAR traffic enforcement operation

LIDAR Traffic Enforcement operations were held by the SAPD Tuesday in 10 school zones and in the 4300 block of West Houston Harte.

SAN ANGELO, Texas — San Angelo Police issued a total of 86 citations and 24 warnings in two LIDAR Traffic Enforcement operations Tuesday. 

The department's Traffic Section conducted LIDAR in 10 school zones Tuesday.  A total of 24 citations and 10 warnings were issued.

After the school zone enforcement, LIDAR was conducted in the 4300 block of West Houston Harte’s westbound traffic. A total of 62 citations and 14 warnings were issued.

Citation breakdown from the San Angelo Police Department:

School zones

Other/misc. violations: 7

No insurance: 1

No seat belt: 1

Speeding: 15

Warnings: 10

Houston Harte

Speeding: 47 (Highest speed: 91 mph)

Driving while license invalid: 2

Other/misc. violations: 9

No driver’s license: 2

No insurance: 2

Warnings: 14

In a press release, the SAPD said, "The life of a child is priceless and not worth the risk by speeding through a school zone.  Children are more vulnerable than adults to being hit by a car — they tend to be less cautious than adults, are less visible due to their size, and they are less likely to survive a hit by a vehicle. When approaching a school zone, slow down. The few seconds you may save speeding through a school zone is not worth the fine, but more importantly, it’s not worth the life of a child."