SAN ANGELO, Texas — The San Angelo Police Department’s Traffic Section conducted a school zone traffic enforcement operation utilizing LIDAR in numerous school zones throughout San Angelo Tuesday.

A total of 20 citations and one warning were issued.

Following the school zone operation, LIDAR traffic enforcement was utilized in the westbound lanes of the 4100 block of the West Houston Harte Expressway. Sixty-two citations and four warnings were issued in that operation.  

The grand total for the day for violators was 82 citations and five 

Here is the citation breakdown from the SAPD:

School zones

Other/misc. violations: 5

No insurance: 1

Speeding: 13

Warnings: 1

No driver's license: 1

Crash zones:

Other/misc. ciolations: 13

No insurance: 5

Speeding: 40

Warnings: 4

No driver's license: 1

Driving while license invalid: 3