Many attacks have been happening around the world, including the Paris and Manchester attacks.

Angelo State University says it is a very serious situation, but that shouldn’t prohibit students from learning and experiencing a different culture.

ASU says they never like to send students to regions that experience any types of issues.

Approximately 75 to 125 students at ASU study abroad. Some of the precautions they take before students depart include risk management training and pre-departure orientation that advises students what to do.

“Anytime the USA State Department issues something called the ‘travel warning,’ which basically is an advisory notice to let people know, ‘Hey, it is not safe to travel to this region at this time,’ and this is why we would never send our students to one of those areas that had a travel warning issued,” Meghan Pace, director of International Studies at ASU, said.

Aside from protecting students, ASU says they have a 24/7 emergency number for parents to reach representatives and get answers.