SAN ANGELO, Texas — The "death ridge" that is usually parked over West Texas during the summer is currently just a bit to our west, and breaking records along with it.

The desert southwest is currently baking as an early-summer heat wave hits the area.  Much of May saw below average temperatures across the west. 

This is the first week of temperatures above average, and people are not used to the heat quite yet. 

As of 4 p.m., PDT, these were the high temperatures Tuesday in many locations throughout the southwest.

Tuesday high temperatures in the desert southwest
FOX West Texas

Death Valley, Calif. - 115

Yuma, Ariz. - 110

Phoenix, Ariz. - 106

Las Vegas, Nev. - 101

Fresno, Calif. - 100

Salinas, Calif. - 96

While it is not atypical to see extreme heat in places such as Las Vegas and Phoenix, some areas along the coast are not used to these extreme temperatures. Salinas, Calif., saw a high temperature of 106 degrees Monday, shattering the old record high of 88 degrees. 

Monterrey, Calif., which sits directly along the Pacific Ocean, saw a high of 94 degrees.  Average temperatures along the coast in June are in the middle 60s.  

This record heat is expected to remain in place through mid-week, and records are likely to continue to be broken. Just remember, it is technically still spring astronomically.  Summer officially begins June 20.

West Texas temperatures over the next five days
FOX West Texas

Temperatures throughout West Texas are expected to rise over the next few days, as our streak of below average temperatures come to an end.  Expect temperatures over the weekend to be well into the 90s with added humidity as well.