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How to reduce the cost of your energy bill during the winter months

Electric companies shared tips on how to reduce the cost of your electric bill during cold days.

SAN ANGELO, Texas — As temperatures drop in West Texas, staying warm might get expensive.

Reliant NRG, Head of Innovation and Customer Experience, Scott Burns said there are several easy ways to reduce your energy bill during cold days. 

“The biggest thing that our customers can do to save their energy is to actively manage their thermostat. Setting it at 68 degrees is kind of what energy star recommends for winter days, if you can stand that temperature in the home,” he said.

Burns said every degree above 68 is actually a three-to-five increase to your bill. Setting your thermostat at a lower temperature can save money in the long run.

Another tip Burns shared is weather stripping, he said it can save 10 percent of the total cost of your bill. He said it only takes a few minutes to cover any gaps in doors or windows, covering these areas can prevent any breeze from entering.  

“So weatherization is a huge thing for your home, people generally don't pay a lot  of attention to it especially when they are comfortable but when it’s very hot or very cold doing weather stripping around windows and doors is huge,” Burns said. 

Maintaining a good cooling and heating system is important to avoid any costly repairs. AEP Texas Customer Service Account Rep. Luke Robertson said annual inspections are necessary to avoid energy loss. 

“Another great way to conserve energy is to have your furnace and duct inspected annually. Loosen broken duct work counts for 15-35 percent of a home’s energy loss so there’s a lot of potential there as well," Robertson said.

Robertson recommends opening draperies and taking advantage of sunlight by opening shades and allowing more sun and heat during the day.