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Need warm shelter? Here's a list of places offering it

Here's what is being offered in West Texas to help people get out of the cold.
Credit: Allison Getz
Victory Temple on 11th Street opened a homeless shelter ahead of a winter storm forecasted to impact Texas statewide.


Electricity outages have forced the City of Abilene to move its warming center from the Rose Park Senior Center to the Beltway Park Church north and southside campuses, located at 2850 Highway 351 and 4009 Beltway Park South, respectively. 

Warming shelters at Beltway Park Baptist Churches and Broadview Baptist Church closing at noon Friday. Anyone who still needs assistance should call 2-1-1 for information about available resources.

In addition, due to electricity outages across the water system, the City of Abilene needs all customers to curtail non-essential water usage.

Your efforts to conserve water will assist the City in ensuring continued water service. Failure to curtail usage will result in loss of water service. #ComeTogetherAISD

For anyone needing a ride to the warming centers, here are the numbers to call for your location. If you live on the north side of Abilene, call 325-721-6074. For the south side, call 325-721-4948.


The City of Ballinger in cooperation with local churches has several available warming centers.

Some locations have bathing facilities, all have water and hot water.

Some locations have cots and blankets for sleeping accommodations.

Please ensure you use appropriate social distancing and personal protection practices.

The Community Center in Ballinger WILL NOT experience power outages due to grid power conservation measures, aka rolling blackouts.

It is located at 200 Crosson Avenue Ballinger TX 76821

Contact Mayor Seymore 915-356-4312

City Emergency Coordinator Brent Allen 325-977-1705

Assistant City Manager John Pierik 325-669-9766

First Baptist Church Ballinger


First United Methodist Church


Please contact shelter area of choice prior to arriving.


The City of Brady is setting up a temporary warming facility at the Ed Davenport Civic Center. The facility will be open at 5:00 p.m., and will remain open overnight. The purpose of opening the Civic Center is to have a warm place for people to go if electricity is out in their homes for a prolonged period. We encourage residents to stay home until the electricity has been out for an hour or more, as it may be a rolling power outage.  

You may bring board games, books, and other activities to pass the time, as long as it is not disruptive to others. We encourage people to dress warmly and bring a blanket, bedding and other essential items such as ready to eat food, non-alcoholic beverages, etc. The facility is heated but may still feel cool due to the extremely low temperatures.

There are no showers available at the facility, but there are restrooms and sinks available. Also, there are no methods of heating or re-heating food, so it is essential that if you bring food, it be ready to eat. Visitors will be responsible for cleaning up after themselves.


Brown County Home Solutions – The emergency shelter at 1101 Ave. D in Brownwood is staying open 24 hours a day to act as a warming station.

They are also providing hot meals.


The City of Brownwood is setting up a temporary warming facility at the Depot Civic Center at 600 E. Depot Street. The Depot will be open until 5:00 p.m. The purpose of opening the Depot is to have a warm place for people to go if electricity is out in their homes for a prolonged period. We encourage residents to stay home until the electricity has been out for an hour or more, as it may be a rolling power outage.  

The Vine Street underpass is closed, so access the Depot from Adams Street. Chairs and tables are set up in the Depot. You may bring board games, books, and other activities to pass the time, as long as it is not disruptive to others. We encourage people to dress warmly and bring a blanket. The facility is heated but may still feel cool due to the extremely low temperatures.

The warming facility is not intended for overnight stays. If overnight accommodations are needed, contact Chief Eric Hicks at 325.800.9794 for Brownwood residents and Darrell Johnston, Brown County Emergency Management Coordinator, at 325.302.3188 for Brown County residents.

For more information on how to report power outages and tips for protecting your home, pets, and property, go to https://www.brownwoodtexas.gov/585/Winter-Weather

Chick-fil-A Brownwood, TX is stepping up to serve our community who are affected by outages or in need of food. 

Today, February 15, 2021 at 3:45 p.m. their team will be set up at the Coggin Avenue Baptist Church Parking lot to handout free Chick-fil-A sandwiches. 

Thank you Chick-fil-A Brownwood! This residential location was chosen as it is the closest to residents in the city limits affected by current electricity outages.


The city has opened a 24 hour warming centers available for use at this time:

The Bill Franklin center located at 13152 state highway 206

Those who visit the center are encouraged to bring:

  • Personal bedding and blankets
  • Food/Drink
  • Personal Medication
  • Entertainment such as books and games
  • Any other necessities
  • The Center is unable to accommodate pets

Rural Rides (CARR) can provide Residents with transportation if needed. Residents may contact CARR at 325-280-7051 to arrange for transportation.


There are three warming stations. All have the capabilities for people to stay overnight, but they do need to bring their own food and water. All will be ready to take people by 5 p.m.

  • Gustine – Gustine Independent School District 503 W Main St – 120-130 max occupancy
  • Sidney – the auditorium at Sidney Independent School District at 4100 HWY 1689 – 40-50 max occupancy
  • Proctor – Proctor Community Center – 50 max occupancy


Attention Eastland community.  Please share the following announcement should you know someone in need of heat and shelter in the midst of our power outage and cold weather.  As of 12:45 P.M. February 15 2021 the dome behind Siebert Elementary has power and water and is open and available for any community member who needs shelter, heat or restrooms. 


The Mertzon Community Center is open for all Irion County residents still without power. The Community Center is located at 112 W. Duncan in Mertzon.


The Salvation Army, located at 855 Hays Street, is able to provide shelter. Their phone number is (830) 257-6770. Capacity is approximately 25 people.  Husbands and wives may need to be in separate facilities due to accommodation limitations. Meals will be provided at this location. Call to see if they have room bfore you go. 

Calvary Temple Church, located at 3000 Loop 534, is available for shelter. They have chairs and minimal food (ramen noodles, water, coffee, etc.). Cot are available. People are welcome to bring blankets and sleeping bags if they have them. They will be open 24/7.  Follow the orange cones to the entrance. Their number is (830) 377-4446, call before you go to see if they have room.


Warming shelter has been moved back to the First Baptist Church. There are 30 occupants. Emergency Management Coordinator Randy Millican is working on getting mass transit to transport 20 people who are without vehicles to San Antonio.

KCSO is still working on restoring communications. LCRA has radios that can be used but the issue is getting them here, hopeful to get them via piggy backing with DPS Troopers. Helicopters are still grounded. Three extra ambulances are here from San Antonio to take calls for injuries and transport.

TxDOT is still working on I-10 which is still icy. Road closures on Hwy 83 N and FM 2291-Cleo.

There is a water main break on 4th and Main, please avoid the area while city employees work on getting water restored.

Bryan Payne is working on gathering water in case the hospital has need of it.


The City of Odessa has opened three warming shelters at the 

Copper Rose Building at 415 N. Grant, St. Elizabeth Ann Seaton Catholic Parish at 7601 North Grandview, and the Salvation Army at 811 E 10th St. Food and drink will be available. Face masks required for entry.


Update on warming shelters

The warming shelter at the Convention Center has space available. If you are interested in going to one of the City's warming shelters please head to the McNease Convention Center at 501 Rio Concho Drive or the stables at Fort Concho located at 210 Henry O Flipper St.

Things you will need if you go:

- Pillow and blanket if you would like to stay

- Snacks and refreshments for yourself

- Masks - these are required!

Pets are allowed (limited to dogs and cats) - must bring your own food.

Cots will be in place for those who would prefer to stay courtesy of the Red Cross.

Concho Valley Transit (local bus service) will be providing transportation for people who cannot transport themselves. The transportation will run until 7 p.m. tonight. If you are interested in this service, please call 325-234-0250.

As a reminder, please bring your own pillow and blanket if you plan to rest or stay the night there. Masks are required for everyone.


All hotels in Sonora are currently at full capacity. Sutton County has opened the Civic Center as an Emergency Shelter at this time. If anyone in the county, or any travelers in our area are needing a place to warm up and/or sleep until travel conditions improve, these accommodations will be available at the Civic Center at 1700 N Crockett Ave.

More information can be found at tdem.texas.gov/warm/ or by calling 2-1-1.

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