It was a hectic weekend for city workers – especially the parks’ team, who has over 300 acres of park land to clean up after Friday’s storm.

All employees have been working since Saturday morning. The crew of about 50 park employees are working through a priority list created by the city. They started with the most heavily-trafficked parks, trails and roads.

Starting immediately after the storm on Friday night, the crew had one thing in mind.

“Their main job is to look up. Look up, look for any safety hazards over any playgrounds, over any picnic tables, any heavy traffic lights or anything like that,” City Landscape Coordinator Mario DeLao said.

DeLao said it could be weeks until all the clean-up is finished. You can help them by cleaning up any trash that might have blown out of trashcans or taking your debris to three drop-off sites available to the public. You can find those at the san Angelo Stadium, the coliseum and the Lake Operations Maintenance Facility.