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Saharan dust flowing over Atlantic - when will it arrive in West Texas?

A strong jet stream is pushing a large area of Saharan dust over the Atlantic Ocean. Models suggest some of this dust may make its way into Texas late next week.
Credit: GEOS-5 Forward Processing 10-Day Forecast

SAN ANGELO, Texas — A large area of dust from the Sahara desert is currently moving over the eastern Atlantic Ocean. This dust is being pushed by strong winds in the upper atmosphere, commonly known as the jet stream. This dust will continue to move along the jet stream over the next week and may make its way into West Texas by the end of next week.

Saharan dust is known for moving into the Atlantic and increasing vertical wind shear. This wind shear limits tropical development. As the dust continues to push westward, quiet conditions are expected in the entire Atlantic basin through next week. 

As of June 16, the dust was limited to the eastern Atlantic and much have just begun to push off the African continent. 

Credit: GEOS-5 Forward Processing 10-Day Forecast

By Monday, June 22, dust is expected to continue to ride the jet stream and enter the central Caribbean. This will keep tropical development at bay. 

Credit: GEOS-5 Forward Processing 10-Day Forecast

By late next week, June 25 and June 26, the dust is expected to move into the Gulf and reach the shores of southeast Texas. 

Credit: NASA

In the image above, dust is shown in the dark blues and greens. Currently, dust is expected to be limited in West Texas as much of it will remain east of our area. However, this is still over a week out and things may change. 

The likely impacts in our area would be hazy skies that may cause eye and nose irritation. 

Stay with FOX West Texas for the latest information. 

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