November can bring a lot of changes to our weather across west Texas. How cold will it get? And how much rain could we see? Meteorologist Ricky Cody takes a closer look at our November weather forecast.

In early October, the Climate Prediction Center released their outlook for the upcoming winter. they found that ocean and atmospheric conditions favored a La Nina winter. That would keep us here in west Texas warm and dry. As we look forward to November, that appears to be the case.

The CPC believes much of the southern U.S. will be warmer-than-average for the month of November which is a change from the way we ended October with temperatures, on average, cooler than average. parts of extreme south Texas will likely be much above average.

Meanwhile, below-average conditions will stretch from areas just east of the cascades eastward into the western Dakotas.

Keep in mind average highs for the month of November are generally in the 60s across west-central Texas and into the 70s for the southern half of the state.

Meanwhile, our lows go from the 40s like we're seeing now into the 30s by the end of the month.

As far as precipitation goes, the CPC gives west Texans a 50% probability of being below normal. which is on par for what comes with a La Nina winter.

It's important to note that forecasting a month's-worth of weather is nearly impossible. but watching overall trends and comparing those trends to our monthly and yearly averages, gives us at least some insight into what we can expect here in west Texas.