BRADY, Texas — Greg Byler, son of Harold Byler, drives a Telsa and ran into a problem when he came from Oregon to Brady, Texas, to visit his father.

“So to come to Brady, he had to go to Junction for his last charge, which was a long way out of the way,” Harold Byler said.  

Greg Byler, needed more juice for his electric vehicle, Harold said, and his son came up with a plan.

"My wife has been involved with the library, so we decide it be nice if they had a charging station, so we donated the charging station to the library,” Harold said.

The charging station is located right at the front of the new Brady Public Library - free for anyone to get a boost of energy - and this new addition puts Brady on the map for electric vehicles.

“It will be put on Telsa charging map of the United States - it will show all the charging stations for the people who want to travel with their electric car,” Byler said. 

Some in the community are skeptical about the new charging station, saying there’s not a need and that it will go unused; but Byler said growth is coming and we must be prepared.

“I understand there has been some people questioning who pays for it the electricity is through the library, and they agree it would not be any cost to the taxpayers,” Byler said.