ABILENE, TX — An Abilenean is making headlines again on Capitol Hill. This comes after President Trump announced Brett Kavanaugh as his supreme court nominee.

Ashley Estes Kavanaugh, wife of Supreme Court nominee, is from Abilene.

"I’ve known Ashley my entire life,” Tom Choate, a longtime family friend said. “She was born in Abilene."

Before walking through corridors in the White House, Ashley walked the halls of Cooper High School over 20 years ago.

"Ashley is always an exceptional young lady,” Choate said. “She was always very pleasant, very bright, very pretty.”

Choate says two very special people have contributed to her success.

"Her parents who are outstanding people,” said Choate. “We are very good friends, we all still belong to the episcopal church here and go to church together and I’ve known them since i was kid."

Ashley went to the University of Texas, said Choate. And excelled in her academic career before working in the then Governor Bush's office.

"He tacked her to go ride along with him and be his personal secretary sitting right outside the oval office in Washington,” Choate said.

Ashley is now making headlines after President Trump nominated her husband, Brett Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court.

"She has accomplished a lot in her own, not just being married to Judge Kavanaugh,” Choate said. “She is her own woman, she is pretty independent. West Texas woman are a formidable force.”

KXVA did try to reach out to Ashley’s parents, but they decided not to talk to the press.

Ashley graduated from Cooper High in 1993.