Dr. Ross Henderson of Lakewood, CO has gained notoriety as "the singing vet" across the country. Videos of him serenading scared pups before their surgeries or appointments at the Fox Animal Hospital are enough to make even the iciest heart melt. Sam Schacher of Daily Blast Live sat down with him to find out how this all started.

Henderson said the idea came to him when he realized that "for many animals, they get to the vet once a year...so it's a pretty scary place for them." Music, the great equalizer, can have a calming effect on animals, especially if music is a typical scenario for them with family. Henderson, who's been singing to his animals for over a year now, said the reaction from his furry clients is what makes it all worthwhile. "They either hear the music and calm down or they get so excited that they jump up and start licking me." He also said the overall support from clients has been amazing. "We're trying to create a positive energy for the animals...and in the office...I've received a lot of messages from it."

Henderson says he doesn't plan on stopping anytime soon, "I'm either playing music or working with animals it's as simple as that."