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Gov. Greg Abbott visits San Angelo for West Texas Legislative Summit

Texas legislators discussed a variety of economic issues in panels and sit-down discussions.

SAN ANGELO, Texas — Gov. Greg Abbott and many other Texas legislators attended the West Texas Legislative Summit at the Angelo State University campus Thursday.

During his keynote speech, Abbott took time to praise San Angelo, Abilene and Lubbock for consistent economic developments and consistently prioritizing infrastructure. 

“They are building these facilities in areas that are in close proximity to dairy cattle. So, as much as this helps in growing jobs for those who will be working directly at these businesses, it also has a powerful economic impact on the agricultural side of our state,” Abbott said. 

He went on to say small business growth is prominent in Texas and has become the frontrunner for economic growth.

“About 90% of all businesses in the state are small businesses, and they employ about half or more of all the employees in our great state. So with that context of mine, I'm also proud to tell you that Texas ranks as the number one state in America to start a small business,” he added.

Texas has endured many challenges over the recent years, but leaders believe there's a light at the end of the tunnel. 

Congressman August Pfluger, TX-11, moderated the infrastructure panel and shared his thoughts on how Texas is working to make gas prices more affordable. 

“Texas has a solution. If President Biden would let us unleash American ingenuity, we could actually solve this problem. But instead, we have an overregulated government approach that is hurting the producers. At the end of the day, it's hurting every American when we go to the gas pump. But Texas is still leading the way. We can do more,” Pfluger said. 

Texas leaders at the summit said they will continue fighting for policies that keep the promise of Texas alive in their communities. 

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