SAN ANGELO, Texas — Trains will be going by a little faster on the South Orient rail line, the higher speed comes after the rail line had an upgrade.

Not all of the more than 300-mile rail line will have the higher speed rate only a section of the San Angelo Junction.

"The line between Coleman and San Angelo has been rated at speed at a maximum speed of 25-miles per hour that rating in now moving up to 40-miles an hour. Which mean we are now allowed to operate up to 40-miles an hour it doesn't mean we are running every inch of those 70-miles of where that rating applies." Stan Meador is the Vice President of Sales & Marketing for Texas Pacifico Transportation, said.

There has been a $150 million has been re-invested in the South Orient rail line, which is also facilitated by the state to fix some parts on the line that were about a 100-years-old.

“Because, of the booming Permian Basin that has generated more traffic on our line which had created the revenue that has allowed us to reinvest it into the line, so they all kinds of go hand and hand,” Meador said.

But the rail line does not relay solely on crude oil, sand other resources also go down the rail line.

When it comes to the higher speed, people should also use some caution with the faster moving trains.

“The old saying, of trying to beat a train is whether its 10 miles an hour or 100 miles an hour that should not be tried,” Meador said.