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Keep San Angelo Beautiful is back with plans to clean up the city

Keep San Angelo Beautiful is a subsection of Keep Texas Beautiful.

Over the past year, the City of San Angelo obtained nonprofit status for Keep San Angelo Beautiful with a goal to clean up the city.  

Keep San Angelo Beautiful is an affiliate of Keep Texas Beautiful. Currently, Bob Salas is acting as the City's liaison, until an executive director fills the spot; and ideas are already being drafted.  

“The area that we would potentially could undertake a project, that is to clean up the Red Arroyo as you know, the Red Arroyo stretches across the city, north and south. You can see some junk in the area. We will be getting volunteers to help clean up these kinds of areas,” Salas said. “We are thinking of kicking off KSAB with an event to dispose of hazardous material.”  

According to the Environmental Protection Agency, household hazardous waste includes paints, cleaners, oils, batteries and pesticides.  

The average American home can store as much as 100 lbs. in places such as the basement, garage and storage closets, meaning Americans generate approximately 1.6 million tons of household hazardous waste annually.  

The agency also suggests being careful when handling these materials.

KSAB would also implement programs through the manpower of volunteers, and offering a helping hand.

“We are also thinking of helping, the disabled (and senior citizensclean up their neighborhood and their homes, and their areas as well,” Salas said.  

Keep San Angelo beautiful has no official dates planned for events.