SAN ANGELO, TX — He founded the organization after struggling with suicide himself caused by the pain of combat. Wednesday, at the San Angelo Regional Airport, over a dozen veterans got the welcome they deserve to kick off a hunting excursion put on by Gill’s organization.

“Lone Star Warriors Outdoors is a nonprofit organization that we started about six years ago to help combat injured veterans cope with PTSD and suicide prevention.

We do hunts, dirt bike riding, golf tournaments, the key is getting these warriors together for multiple days to build that camaraderie that they used to have in the military.

We have 18 guys that are coming in this year for this hunt. They're coming in from a combination...California, Georgia, Kentucky, all over Texas.

The feedback from the warriors...I got a text message the other day from one of our alumni that basically said this saved his life. We hear from the guys who tell us what it means to them.

One guy in particular, he pulled me aside and said "A week ago I was going to kill myself but y'all already bought a plane ticket so I came out," and I got a letter from his wife saying, "I don't know what you did to my husband but you changed what he used to be."

Did we do it? No. The organization, the San Angelo Support for Veterans, it's the people who come together that care out these guys, not just one individual that makes it happen,” Gill said.