SAN ANGELO, TX — There's now an even easier way to report suspicious activity to the department of public safety. It's called the iWatch Texas app and was launched just days ago.

"Give you that quick opportunity to make that report about any suspicious behavior,” Sgt. Justin Baker with the Department of Public Safety said.

Emphasis on the word “behavior.”

"Not suspicious people or any type of religion or ethnic group, it's all about activates and behaviors,” Sgt. Baker said.

So, what are some examples?

"Overhearing a student at school talking about carrying out an active shooter event or developing pictures in a photo studio and seeing that those pictures are related to security related entrances or businesses,” Sgt. Baker said.

But remember, you should only report accurate information.

"We're going to take all those reports seriously and investigate them but remember it is against the law to make any false reports to law enforcement officers,” Sgt. Baker said.

The app is free and can be downloaded to any smart phone or device.