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Veterans in San Angelo need help donating to personnel in Afghanistan

Military veterans are asking for donations to give to people overseas.

SAN ANGELO, Texas — The All Veterans Council of Tom Green County and San Angelo Veterans are asking West Texas community members who are interested to help in donating items to refugees and military personnel.

With everything happening in Afghanistan, local military veterans in San Angelo saw where they could make a difference not only for military members but everyone in need. 

“Politics aside, we all have our own views but it doesn't matter. There are human lives at stake and we as a San Angelo community and as veterans realize that we need to take care of not just our own but people in general and that's what I love about this community,” Luis Martinez, Chairman of the San Angelo Veterans Organization said. 

The San Angelo Veterans organization works with various veteran service organizations on a local, state and national level, as well as with San Angelo resources to get veteran family members in need the help they are looking for.

The Commander of the C17 Squadron at Al Udeid and the Chaplain are asking for items that you can send through Amazon Prime:

Refugee Needs

Travel size toothbrushes

Travel size toothpaste

Kid size snacks (no meat or beef jerky allowed)

Small teddy bear type toys for children

Military needs

Caffeine- Energy drinks, instant coffee, etc.

Snacks- Beef jerky, nuts, etc. 

Martinez said when he reached out to the San Angelo community, he had no doubt people would be open to help. Some people even suggested quicker ways for things to be sent overseas to help. 

“When we're on active duty our goal is to protect the United States. But when we’re off duty, our job is to protect everyone we can everywhere and that’s what we plan to do,” Martinez mentioned. 

When donating, there is no “middle man” involved and everything sent will be directly received to those who need it most. 

Refugee needs address:

Chaplain at Al Udeid, Qatar

Travis Ferguson, Chaplain

379 AW/HC Unit 61201

APO, AE 09309-1201


Military needs address:

C17 Commander at Al Udeid, Qatar

816 EAS

Unit 61236

APO, AE 09309-1236