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'Make America Kind Again' signs in high demand even after election

Make America Kind Again, the slogan one Sacramento Mom has capitalized on. Her name is Amanda Blanc and we told you her story three weeks ago, since then she has blown up on social media nationwide and is shipping her positive signs all over the world.

"I have 239 to send out, wow I have a lot to send out," Blanc said while scrolling on her Etsy shop.

The stay at home mom and free lance graphic artist said her lawn signs are viral.

"After the News 10 interview it took off it went viral with different affiliates in different cities, after that I was featured on different news stations" she said.

Her house has stacks of signs and now she is expanding to bags, stickers and mugs while using a play on words with Donald Trump's slogan Make America Great Again.

"Yes it is a play on words but it is a non partisan sign its not affiliated with any specific party doesn't have any business name its just a general its a friendly message that every can agree on rather than putting one against another," Blanc added.

She said she is turning her house into a business of promoting kindness. Her living room is now her packing room/warehouse.

In just a few weeks she has sold nearly 500 signs and said the orders keep coming even after Election Day and Blanc told us she doesn't see sales slowing down.

"It was a really big election and a really intense campaign season and I think everyone just needs to heal from it, so just a little kindness?" she said.