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Hermleigh builds a new track

A new track for Hermleigh High School

HERMLEIGH, Texas — A brand new track with no one to run on it, because of COVID-19. Hermleigh finished their new track on Monday and the school can't wait to have their student-athletes run on it next school year.

"We are really excited... It was supposed to be done in time to host district for junior high and high school. It would have been cool to host a meet on a new track but we will have to wait until next year," coach Duane Hopper said.

Coach hopes the new track with attract more students to run and the school can host more meets.

"Hopefully it encourages kids to want to run track on a nice track... We hope to to host more meets, anytime we can bring people to our community and have people sit out stand it's really nice," Hopper added.

Although the team can't use the track now, the student-athletes will put it to good use in the future.

"I know this year we didn't get to do our relays but next year they will be more ready than ever and they will enjoy running on that new track," senior Makia Gonzales said.

In the meantime, Coach Hopper is encouraging his athletes to continue to workout and move everyday.

"I want them to do something to stay active. Walk or do push-ups, whatever it is to stay active," coach Hopper said.