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Fiverr Super Bowl ad spins Trump campaign's Four Season press conference incident

The talent marketplace tool is borrowing from the Four Season's Total Landscaping kerfuffle during the election to cleverly promote its affordable resources mission.

For one of advertising's most important times of the year, Super Bowl ad spots have to go big or go home. And connecting to some of the most historic recent events in history is a powerful tactic. 

During its Super Bowl ad debut, the talent marketplace Fiverr put a sci-fi spin on one unforgettable moment of Trump's presidency: Four Seasons Total Landscaping. 

The small landscaping business on the outskirts of Philadelphia, set between an adult store and a crematorium, was thrust into the spotlight on Nov. 7 when a news conference was held by the president's campaign. 

A tweet from then-President Trump told everyone to meet at what was expected to be the posh Four Seasons Hotel. Soon after, the press was then told to head to a small landscaping business of the same name. 

The one minute Fiverr Super Bowl ad shows the garage entrance to Four Season's Total Landscaping in Philadelphia where the press conference mix-up with Trump's lawyer Rudy Giuliani took place. 

The commercial features Four Season's Total Landscaping expanding their business to include a press venue. The owner and president of Four Season's, Marie Siravo then enters a a hidden science fiction scene where experts work to improve and expand the Four Season's Total Landscaping brand.

"Is this a lobby," someone in the commercial asks at the end of the ad. "This is not a hotel," Siravo responds.

The ad's message is expected to be that there is more to Four Season's Total Landscaping than what the public now knows of it from the quirky Nov. 6 mix-up. And, that's part of the mission behind Fiverr, to connect the public with small businesses by helping them learn more. 

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